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When we NAVIGATE in our communities, we assess the needs and determine how we can become change agents. Understanding the importance of social capital and the role it plays in the growth of a community is vital because these are the who’s, the what’s, and the why’s to creating a plan and executing a solution. Let’s begin by Intentionally taking the time to become familiar with the people, places, and things around us and appreciating the value that each brings. Taking pride in your living environment and helps to provide a high quality of life for everyone that lives there.

After all, people foster and thrive within inclusive communities.



We encourage healthy conversations with our youth by letting them know that their voices matter in our community. An effective out of school time (OST) program makes the community a great place for youth to grow and build competencies and confidence. Programs should include a research-based curriculum, and held in concordance to family, school, and community efforts to engage youth.

A program for youth ages 13-21 years, was launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic to address this community need. Nothing Ordinary for TEENS is a virtual talk show which supports a primary focus on positive youth development through healthy relationships, team building, decision making, effective leadership, and community advocacy.

With guest from all over the US, we explore choices made and paths taken that are relevant to where our youth are in life. Our Very Important Youth (VIT’s) have creative control and are currently building the platform and database to share past interviews, stories, and other tips with youth across the world. 

Would you like to be a part of the show as a guest or team member or would you like to bring the Nothing Ordinary for Teens talk show to your city, click here to contact us today. Or, click here to purchase your gear or to make a donation. *Proceeds go directly to the “ I am… Nothing Ordinary” Navigating your future Scholarship.



To SERVE in your community is simply having a “Boots to the ground” approach of meeting others where they are and extending your hands, feet, and heart. It’s a way to build relationships and keeps our focus on treating others the way we want to be treated. Consider donating time to a group of seniors, donating unwanted clothing, reading books to a 2nd grade class, or helping a neighbor plant flowers. You may also consider visiting a park in your community and befriending a homeless person; listen to their story, extend resources, or engage in much needed casual conversation. You never know how much a little of your time can help someone in need. This provides a sense of belonging, supports both mental and physical health. Many people suffer financial, physical or psychological problems in silence.

Nessa and NLOE at Cleveland Park (1).jpg


SUSTAIN can take on many forms in a community and the people that live there. It can be supporting a local business, which is an important part of local communities that enriches the vibrancy of them and is the best method to grow, thrive, and impact the economy. When we sustain local businesses, we increase job opportunities.

More and more communities are uncovering resources to economic stability and self-sufficiency by providing continuous support and guidance to young parents in the community.  N.E.S.S.A in Your Neighborhood helps to guide persons in the community to available resources based on their needs. We are also committed to serving young parents through a variety of evidence-based programs

Contact us to learn more about this program being offered in your city. 



When we ADVOCATE for others, we are taking interest in other people’s passions and pursuits and supporting a cause with no direct benefit to you. This is done by asking others to share their vision, hopes, and dreams. It’s being transparent enough to share your past experiences, achievements, failures, and how you overcome. Begin by supporting mentor programs in your community and challenging someone to strive for their best. Stay connected and take the journey with them until they get there.

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