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The mission of N.E.S.S.A in Your Neighborhood is to promote the cultivation of a thriving community by encouraging healthy conversations with youth ages 13-21.   Our supports primarily consist of programming that increases positive youth development, team building activities, healthy decision making, effective leadership, and community advocacy. 

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Nothing Ordinary for TEENS 

We pride ourselves in serving youth by meeting them where they are regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, and or economic status. We aim to create a truly safe supportive environment by offering culturally competent experiences that they can further relate to through their lived experiences.  Through the "Nothing Ordinary for TEENS" programming consists of: 

Table talk discussions that teaches teens and pre-teens to reclaim their voice

Community Service Learning Projects (Based in Spartanburg County)  

Participation in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities 

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Nothing Ordinary for

The Nothing Ordinary for YOUNG PARENTS program works to provide the tools and resources needed to move participants toward sustaining a successful life to meet their personal/career goals for themselves and their families .  Activities for Nothing Ordinary for "Young Parents" include: 


Participate in hands-on activities that stress the importance of equality and sustainability which is empowered through various workshops, digital platforms, support groups.

Participants receive one-on-one coaching, mentorship which focuses on healthy relationships, career readiness and developing leadership skills. 

Participants also have a chance to view and be involved in R.A.W talk, which is a virtual talk show that offers an unapologetic discussion. Topics include and cover a wide range of topics including cultural identity, race, religion, sexuality, self-care, etc. 

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A. Webster
Student Body President

Some things I've learned while being apart of this group is that it really sticks to its name (Be the change) meaning how its encouraging alor of beautiful talented young ladies that you don't have to be a certain age to do anything and that anything is possible as long as you believe you can.


A McCrary
National Society for High School Scholars

I learned to be myself and carry myself with confidence and integrity. I learned how to work with the people around me and even help to guide them in the right direction. I have applied these things to my life by holding myself to high standards and knowing my worth. Really trying my best in school and at work and helping the people around me as well. I give advice to the people around me to be positive and make themselves happy before anyone else. 

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